Pioneer Builders Supply


Homes need more than one kind of insulation. Each side of the home should be insulated-top-the roof, bottom-under flooring, and sides-exterior walls. Roofs can be insulated by using rigid foam panels on top of roof sheathing or by installing rigid foam panels under the rafters. Pioneer Builders Supply can advise homeowners as to which method would work best for their project.

Hunter Panels

Hunter's goal is to manufacture the most effective, efficient and innovative Polyviso insulation panels available, with stellar customer support and service. Hunter offers a wide selection of green insulation panels for low- and steep-slope projects.


InsulRoof offers a wide range of roof insulation products that are compatible with roof membrane assembly systems. Whether the membrane is black or white, InsulRoof is compatible with dark and light colored single ply membranes to enhance energy efficiency.


CertainTeed has a wide selection of underlayment and ventilation accessories for any installation. Underlayments are available for any type of roofing materials: metal, shingle, shake or slate. Created with contractor safety and weather protection in mind, CertainTeed manufactures products to provide best-in-class performance.