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Natural lighting is an important component of sustainability. Increased natural light has a variety of physical and psychological benefits. They not only bring light into a room, but improve health and enhance mood. Additional benefits include reduced energy consumption, a reduction in mildew and mold buildup, provide a healthy dose of Vitamin D, increase visual appeal to interiors.


Crystalite is a northwest Washington manufacturer of high quality skylights. Select from Standard, Custom Built, Venting, Tubular or Skyblinds.


Located in Seattle, Tam knows the unique challenge of homeowners in the Northwest climate. The need for natural light enhancing, weather proof and energy efficient skylights resulted in Tam's custom glass or acrylic skylights.


Velux No Leak Solar Powered Skylights provide natural light and fresh air, truer colors due to natural lighting,venting of disagreeable smells,reduced dependence on air conditioning and heating, afford privacy, and include rain sensors that automatically close.