Pioneer Builders Supply



APOC underlayments are created with heavyweight reinforcements that increase tensile strength and prevents tearing of felts during installation. All products are made from a combination of virgin and recycled wood pulp using a unique process, which incorporates TruBreathe™ and Safe-Step™ Technology resulting in vastly improved underlayments.

Blue Ridge Fiberboard: Structodek® HD

Structodek® High Density Fiberboard is an integral component of any roofing system, adding structural rigidity and dimensional stability. The fiberboard composition of StructodekR HD has natural bonding qualities that results in excellent adhesion capabilities without causing excessive absorption. It bonds very well with many asphalt, coat tar and cold process adhesive products. Due to its lightweight nature, it will keep roof loads below specified maximum weight.

CMI SecureGrip™

SecureGrip™ is an effective synthetic underlayment designed to replace asphalt saturated #15 felt. The 100% synthetic material provides an affordable secondary water shedding barrier as well as long term moisture protection. It is designed to perform under extreme weather conditions, rolls out flat and is durable and tear resistant.

System Components Corporation: CoverPRO®

CoverPRO® is lighter, cleaner stronger and much faster to install than standard roofing felt. Additionally, CoverPRO®'s proprietary non-woven walking system improves safety. Its cool gray color ensures a comfortable working surface in all types of weather. Faster installation, better performance and a 20 year limited warranty makes CoverPro® the right choice for any job.

System Components Corporation: FelTex®

FelTex®, a premium synthetic underlayment is one of the safest, strongest, best performing underlayments available today. The skid-resistant polymer coating provides steep slope traction. It has a Class 4 hail rating and is ideal for asphalt, shingles, metal, tile, slate and many other sloped roofing materials. FelTex® is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Grace Waterproofing

Grace has been a leading manufacturer of roofing underlayments for more nearly 40 years. Select from a portfolio of underlayments for specific climate requirements. Grace's self-adhering underlayments provide strong adhesion to the roof deck, resulting in watertight laps and high quality seals around fasteners.